Not another Tuskegee experiment wristband


“This is not a SHIRT this is a STATEMENT! We know the Tuskegee experiment was a government sponsored program carried out by the “PHS” or Public health service (now the CDC) which watched the progression of Syphilis in Black men and refused to treat them but instead allowed these men to be ravaged by disease which could’ve  been prevented for the purpose of “science” where they died slowly after having been injected. We are using our freedom of speech to bring awareness and to make public declaration that we do not want another “Tuskegee experiment” nor anything resembling such by way of vaccines. We are human beings not animals. We are free to decide whether or not vaccines are the solution for us individually because medicine is not a “one-size-fits-all” solution. We are children of the most high God or the supreme being of which we call by many names and as such we reserve the right to embrace the multitude of solutions given to us in nature. This is a statement, this is a declaration and forcing something that isn’t proven safe & effective onto a people is the epitome of wrong, the epitome of inhumane, a violation of our human rights and the epitome of an experiment by which 328 + million will be subjected to and this is not something which we can give consent. The freedom of choice must be upheld for any human being where medicine is concerned and this is a statement encouraging just that.
By wearing this you are making the statement that you reserve the right to CHOOSE what is best for YOU and what is best for your FAMILY.
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