Rizza Islam partners with BrightSky Learning’s
“Smart Way Phonics”

 to bring home schooling solutions to the inner-cities!

Smart Way Reading phonics kit

“I ‘m so happy to announce our partnership with Humanitarian and member of the ‘Nation of Islam’, Rizza Islam”


-Sue Young

co-founder, CEO BrightSky Learning


Includes: Smart Way Reading Lessons 1-27, Student Skillbook, Illustrated Dictionary, Webster’s New World Student’s Dictionary, “How To Be A Reading Coach,” “Smart Way Coaching Reference” .

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This Foolproof Phonics Program is Unique in Design and Results

Rather than being “entertaining education,” which may or may not work by merely keeping a child playfully occupied, Smart Way is engaging education that does work, time and again.  It is an excellent solution to the illiteracy epidemic in America.Rizza Islam partners with BrightSky Learning on Phonics  The program is:

  • Fully Scripted – The reading coach follows a fully-scripted program taking the guesswork out of what needs to be done in order to achieve student success.
  • Guided – There are twenty-seven flip chart lesson books which guide a coach and student step-by-step through to successful completion.
  • Systematic and Explicit – The Smart Way Reading methodology follows a carefully selected sequence of letter-sound relationships that have been organized in a logical order (systematic) and provide the coach with precise directions (explicit).
  • Comprehensive – The program is based on the most exhausting scientific reading research ever conducted. Smart Way Reading covers the key fundamentals necessary to develop strong reading skills with phonics instruction.
  • Dictionary Oriented – The program includes consistent use of an illustrated dictionary (covering every word used in the first 11 lessons) and a Webster’s New World Student’s Dictionary.
  • Multisensory – This research-validated methodology teaches through visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile pathways with continuous student and coach interaction.
  • Synthetic and Analytic -Smart Way Reading includes both synthetic and analytic methods of instruction by presenting the parts of the language and how the parts work together to form a whole, while also teaching the whole and how it breaks down into various components.
  • Effective – Most importantly, the Smart Way Reading program was designed to be, and is, results-based.  Over the past decade, over 88% of all those completing the program moved from, on average, the 25th percentile (substantially below their age level) to the 50th percentile (right at their age level).

Get the most from Smart Way Reading!

The Smart Way Reading Scope & Sequence.
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Bright Sky Learning created a 100 nonsense word decoding assessment specifically for use with Smart Way Reading to identify potential areas of weakness in phonics abilities. They may be downloaded free: Assessor PDF Student PDF Instructions PDF (all three documents are needed).

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