-Leader - Speaker
-Researcher - Author
-Organizer - Humanitarian

A dynamic leader noted for his passion in addressing issues of concern to
the community, Bro. Rizza has devoted his life to educating, uplifting
and motivating through viable solutions to those across this country and
throughout the world. Bro. Rizza is the youngest of 10 children born and raised in Compton, California and began his career at the early age of 9, training to be a course room supervisor. At 13 Bro. Rizza was running his own course
room training and overseeing the education of youth and adults in the
study of “How to Study”, Morals, Ethics, Communication, Substance
Abuse Education and a host of other services designed to assist his
students to make better choices in their lives.

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At 13 Bro. Rizza gave his first professional speech in front of more than 3,000 church goers, speaking of the importance of becoming educated and actually learning the proper way to study. At 15 yrs old, Bro. Rizza began training as a substance abuse counselor to deliver drug-free substance use/abuse services to drug affected populations in Compton, Watts and surrounding cities. At 19, Bro. Rizza began delivering educational and substance Abuse services in schools throughout Compton, Watts and Los Angeles and was constantly sought after and named by his clients as the “best” counselor to work with youth in the inner city schools. Rizza was very involved in the implementation and expansion of the United in Peace, (UPFEST) rides beginning in Los Angeles, which is a monthly motorcycle and low rider event to pass out morally sound information to the county and end with performances in local parks. The annual reunion of this event brings thousands of motorcycle riders and low riders out to celebrate peace in the streets. This event is continuing throughout the country. In 2015 Rizza coordinated a meeting involving Robert Kennedy, Jr., Min. Tony Muhammad, the CDC whistleblower, Dr. Brian Hooker as well as a group of local leaders and activists to bring intelligent education on the vaccine issue to the Black community. This event led to the Honorable Min. Louis Farrakhan becoming involved and exposing this information at the 2015 Million Man March and the 1 million people involved and to the 1.2 Billion people watching throughout the world. Rizza has been instrumental in negotiating peace treaties between several active gangs
throughout L. A. County, being invited by various gang members, celebrities, including Snoop, The Game, Magic and many others, along with police departments, as a result of his successful actions in this area over the years. One of the most notable treaties took place in 2016 when Rizza worked with Min.

Tony Muhammad West Coast Regional Minister for the Nation of Islam to negotiate a truce between the Crips, Bloods and the LAPD. Bro. Speaks passionately and intellectually around the globe on issues ranging from education, the psychiatric drugging and electroshocking of those within our society, substance abuse, the toxicity of vaccines according to the CDC’s own studies, human/sex slavery and many other areas of human rights abuses throughout this country and the world. Bro. Rizza Islam is an author, international speaker and social activist, serving as Founder of the Intellectual Xtremist who was most recently awarded by the City of Los Angeles for his tireless work with the youth of the city. To schedule Bro. Rizza as a speaker or seminar leader at your next event, contact the Intellectual Xtremist team at 800-466-2205 or via E-mail at iebookingsllc@gmail.com.

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Bro. Rizza worked as a tutor at the World Literacy Crusade beginning at age 11, primarily working with children and adults on phonics and communication skills. By the time he was 13 he had become the director of language arts whereby he had nearly 20 tutors under his belt whom he had trained. He worked daily for years until he became a course supervisor where he was responsible for delivering .