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-Leader - Speaker
-Researcher - Author
-Organizer - Humanitarian

A dynamic leader noted for his passion in addressing issues of concern to
the community, Bro. Rizza has devoted his life to educating, uplifting
and motivating through viable solutions to those across this country and
throughout the world. Bro. Rizza is the youngest of 10 children born and raised in Compton, California and began his career at the early age of 9, training to be a course room supervisor. At 13 Bro. Rizza was running his own course
room training and overseeing the education of youth and adults in the
study of “How to Study”, Morals, Ethics, Communication, Substance
Abuse Education and a host of other services designed to assist his
students to make better choices in their lives.

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Bro. Rizza Islam’s mission is to help educate, uplift, empower and feed physically and mentally the Brothers and Sisters of the communities most forgotten throughout this country and across the globe. As a result of the most recent censorship of the greatest freedom fighter voices, including Bro. Rizza’s, it is vital now, more than ever that Bro. Rizza continue and expand on his normal speaking tours to ensure true, factual data directly gets to the people, free from intervention and distortion. If you have an upcoming event, school group, community forum or any other gathering where you would like Bro. Rizza to present the facts on vaccines, abortion, human trafficking, police conduct and many other subjects of interest, please feel free to reach out and book Bro. Rizza today. It is our pleasure to bring consciousness through enlightenment to as many communities as possible.

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